If you are passionate about content creation, and want to receive some jewellery for free, this is the place to be!
1. Place an order via our website.
2. Take a video/make a video montage with your new jewellery (must be between 10-20 seconds long), that would be perfect for Instagram Reels & Tik Tok. 
3. Email your video to info@thelittl.com .
Once we have viewed your video, we will let you know if we'd like to use it on our platforms - and if we do, we will refund the jewellery piece/s showcased, up to $120 AUD*!!
It's that simple :) 
- Make sure the jewellery is very visible, and looks amazing!!
- Take your content in high quality! We love clear imagery (and don't forget to wipe your camera lens before shooting).
- Make sure you take your video in full screen, portrait mode.
- Feel free to talk to the camera! We love hearing you talk about our jewellery.
- Feel free to add text on the video (this is great for those who prefer not to talk), with a cute song in the background, to keep the video engaging.
- Don't use crazy/colourful filters! We prefer simple, quality videos.
- Jump on current Tik Tok/Reel trends! Here are some content ideas for you:
  • Video putting on, and styling an ear stack.
  • Unboxing video! (eg: time lapse with the parcel at the door, collecting it from the floor, taking it inside, opening it, and showing your new piece/doing a mini haul) 
  • Video showing off your new zodiac jewellery, which matches your star sign, and why you love it. 
  • "How I style my Littl jewellery": show the earrings well, show the necklace well, pop a dress on, a bag on, and walk out the door with a smile!
  • Easy hair-clip styling/tutorial video.
  • Video layering your necklaces, talking about what sizes they are and showing where they sit on your décolletage and why you love them.
  • Video on your custom engraved jewellery (eg: how easy it was to order it on the site, explaining that The Littl engrave everything themselves in office, and why you love the engraving/why it's meaningful to you).
  • BTS video of you taking photos of your jewellery for instagram content (jewellery beautifully displayed, beautiful lighting, etc - think "BTS vibes" of a shoot).

Extra things you can mention in your video:

- Almost all jewellery is hand-made to order by us, in our Sydney office! This also means there is very minimal waste, which is great for the planet).

- 14k gold-fill is waterproof and tarnish resistant, so it will never lose its colour.

- 14k gold-fill is great for people with sensitive skin!

- We use recycled silver for most of our silver jewellery.

- We use our platform to raise money, and plant trees in areas that need it most around the world (see tree counter on home page for accurate number).



This is just inspiration, so feel free to let your imagination go wild with this!
We can't wait to see your content <3
*if successful, we will refund anywhere between $20 - $120 AUD per video, depending on the complexity of the video sent to us (judged fairly, of course!). The final refund amount will be entirely up to The Littl.
* Stories/posts that you post, and that we re-post on our instagram/fb stories are not a part of this offer.