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Tell us a bit about yourself
I'm Steph, I am originally from Perth, I have lived in NSW the past two years and have just moved to the Gold Coast. I am a Personal trainer and have been working in the fitness industry for almost 5 years now, and turned my Instagram into my business! I have been working with many brands & travel companies over the past few years and have been fortunate enough to work alongside some amazing other influencers from around the world.
Where are you from, and where are you based now?
I am from Perth, Western Australia, and I now live in the Gold Coast, Queensland!
Describe a day in the life of Steph
I wake up, go to the gym - I generally train each morning (and do a different type of training in the evenings- heavy weight lifting, cardio or boxing), come home, make breakfast, reply to emails and follow up Instagram messages etc. I try to stay active all day and respond to as many people as I can. Most days I will be out and about with friends venturing to shoot content, or working on/editing images! 
Do you have any daily rituals?
Training, eating well and planning my day first thing  in the morning is my normal daily ritual.
Do you own any pieces of jewellery that have a special meaning for you?
A gold cross necklace from my Nonna that I received when I was 9 years old. She is my guardian angel and reminds me everyday of the faith she has in me.
Which pieces are your favourite from our line?
Who are your style icons and how do they influence your style? 
@sarahhashcroft - My girl!! She just knows how to make any outfit look amazing!
@tashoakley - She's so naturally beautiful and everything she wears just compliments her body in the best ways.
@stefneyv - My type of fashion! Comfort/style - can wear sneakers with every outfit ;) 
What are your wardrobe essentials, currently or from all time?
A comfortable oversized Adidas Tee, something you can dress up and something you can wear all day comfortably!
How do you get the perfect Instagram image?
With good lighting (the lighting always looks best late in the afternoon as the sun is coming down), and a clean, tasteful background! I like to keep it as natural as possible.
What do you love most about your job?
So many things, but particularly the people I get to meet and the places I am lucky enough to travel to! I forever feel blessed when I am given these opportunities to see places I have always dreamed of going.
What are your next travel plans for the next year?
I am travelling to Bali at the end of this month, Miami in May, Dubai and my plan for later in the year is to visit the Bahamas for the first time!
I am not sure where the rest of the year will take me yet! :)
What advice would you give to your younger self?
To not dwell on the negative or let insecurities hold you back. Everyone is different, everyone is beautiful - it is important to teach self love and not let opinions of others ever dull your happiness.
Necklace worn in photo:
The Small Miraculous Medal Necklace in 14k yellow gold.
Click here for Steph's Instagram.