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Tell us a bit about yourself - Who are you and what do you do? 
My name is Gracie, I am 22 years old from Australia and a new mummy to my beautiful little baby boy Romeo. I run a YouTube channel & Instagram page that shares all things lifestyle, fashion & beauty.
Where are you from and where do you live now? 
Perth, Australia 
What’s a day in your life? 
A day in my life consists of a balance of work, working out, spending time with my family & a little bit of self care at the end of the day with a face mask and my favourite show or movie! 
Do you have a daily ritual? 
I like to write down 3 things I am grateful for before I go to bed. 
What are your earliest memories of jewellery in your life? 
Probably costume jewellery when I was playing dress up! I also remember my mum had a nice big jewellery box with all these diamond rings and gold necklaces and I would take them when I was little to feel like a princess! 
Can you tell me about any pieces of jewellery you own that mean something special to you? 
I have a Tiffany&Co. ring matching with my partner that we wear everyday, maybe almost like a promise ring- it means a lot to me and reminds me of him every time I wear it :) 
Is any of your jewellery passed down to you? 
Not really actually, but I would really love to pass some of my favourites down to my children someday. 
What are your favourite pieces from our line? 
I love the pieces that you can engrave, such as the Bar Necklace- it makes jewellery that much more special when you know it holds some sentimental meaning behind it. 
Do you practice any form of art? 
I am not very good at art, but I suppose makeup is considered a form of art! I like to wear makeup and try different looks- it's fun to play around with. 
What advice would you give to your younger self? 
Maybe to live in the moment- life goes by too fast and one day you will regret wishing you were in a certain place instead of just being happy with where you currently are. 
What are your next travel plans for the next year? 
Well, now that we have a newborn, travel has definitely changed for us but I am really hoping to go to Hawaii later on in the year! 
How do you get the perfect IG image? 
Take 1000 haha, there has to be one in there right? 
What are your wardrobe essentials currently, or from all time? 
I love a really good pair of fitted jeans & some really high black boots! But also at the moment I am really into matching tracksuits and dad sneakers, since becoming a mumma comfort seems to be key haha! 
What books are you reading right now? 
The secret, one of my favourite books on the law of attraction. 
Who are your style icons and how do they influence your style? 
Anyone I follow on instagram! I am influenced by someone new everyday- I love women, I think they are amazing and I find inspiration from women everywhere. 
What are your tips for creating the perfect jewellery look? 
Sometimes less is more! 
Pieces worn in photo: 
The Classic Necklace in sterling silver.
The Key Drop Necklace in sterling silver.
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